You Want Some Cake With That Fudge?

We had the Moss's, Grandma and the Price's over for cake and ice cream to celebrate quite a few birthdays! It was Bethany's, Jen's, Ethan and Grandma's birthday within the past week or upcoming week so we celebrated them all together. Something that my family has always done. It was great having a get together to see everyone!

My sweet Hannah girl.
 Blowing out the birthday candles!
 All of the cute cousins! It was a rowdy house this night!
And of course, The CAKE of all cakes. The cake that will be passed on for generations. The cake that can last forever,  the best cake ever! Just take a gander. It's a looker and it tastes glorious.


  1. YUmmy!!! Even though I'm allergic to chocolate and don't like it, I suddenly have a craving for cake! :) you seem like an awesome person and you should add me as a friend on Facebook! My facebook is being dumb and won't let me add people.

    1. It happens to be the worlds tastiest chocolate cake made from scratch! Follow the blog and I'd love to be friends, just send me an add when it works.