Chocolate Mousse

Another day in nutrition! Today we made chocolate mousse!  A serious mixture of chocolate chips, butter, vanilla and heavy whipping cream. Super easy and a great way to get your fill of chocolate! I matched the mixer, nail polish and all so a picture was necessary of course!

Do I dare mention what happened before class? The explanation of showing up 25 minutes late? I guess so. The excuse is printer problems. It's always my excuse because of my extreme procrastination problem! I had a lab report due and decided to do it right before class. That was my first wrong decision! Then, when I went  to print it out, right before I needed to leave,  the printer was jammed and to add to that, the ink cartridge needed to be changed. I didn't have time so I just fumbled everything around spastically flailing my arms and screaming. Haha all unneccessary but in the end I just left. I couldn't print anything and luckily my teacher is the best teacher in the world and let me email it to her after class. That is my pathetic story. Now, on to the chocolate!

Melt  the chocolate chips and butter and stir continuously.

 Once it is fully melted, take it off the burner and allow it to cool to room temperature.
whip the heavy whipping cream to medium peaks in a chilled mixing bowl.
We kind of forgot about the mixer in the midst of talking to each other so we were well on our way to creating some thick butter. We had to start over again!
Fold the whipped cream into the chocolate.. (by the way, there is also gelatin in the chocolate which was put in once the chocolate was cooled.)
 It should look like this. Not too over worked.
 And Voila! The end product.

message me for the full recipe. 

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