A Package Full of Love on a lucky St. Patrick's Day

St. Patricks day isn't anything special but it's a good excuse to send something to the man I love!
Yummy, cute and super easy!

things needed:
M&M's, Rolo's, Pretzel bags (found at Michaels) and a fun tag. Found here!
You're the Pot Of Gold at the end of my Rainbow

I really wanted to make a blanket for Nathan because he said that he was going to send me his so that I would have something of his with me every night. What a sweetie! I told him that I would make him one in return and that he shouldn't send his until he gets mine. This means that I will be getting his very soon! 
The blanket took a while because I hand made and stitched it all! I had to bring the 200 pound sewing machine out, dust it off and put my skills to work! Really, I had to learn how to sew all over again! At least I'm showing him my wife skills ya know? ;)

This was a fun activity as well! It's a week long letter! One letter per day. I put stamps in each letter because I knew he was running out. It's also fun to put some stickers or confetti in them as well! Each envelope is glued to each other and in the end, it folds up perfectly...
 Like This!
Tie it with a bow and it's all set!
 I added pictures and a post card from my California trip, a long letter, two ties (a must for any package!) and another SD card.

 Yeah, I do love to spoil this guy but all the time and effort is totally worth it!
I also had the lady at the post office (who was Asian) write 'I Love You sweetheart' in Chinese! It's perfect and I can't wait to hear his reaction!

I sure am as 'lucky as a four leaf clover' to have him in my life! ( ha cheesy...) Soon he will be celebrating the luck of the Irish in Ireland!

He sent me a precious package as well and it made my day! I will upload the pictures very soon.


  1. I just...oh man. Words cannot even describe how jealous I am of your creative brain.
    I am 100% stealing your letter idea. And possibly everything else, too.
    This is amazing!

  2. Thank you Krista! You are more than welcome to steal the ideas. That's what they're there for! Enjoy!

  3. Oh my gosh kendall, you are the cutest! I don't know if you remember, but we were in the same group this summer in sociology! you are gorgeous and I'm so glad I found your blog!!!

    1. I TOTALLY remember! What a coincidence! Aw thanks so much! I'm glad you found the blog too!

  4. Ha! You say MY blog is cute... look at yours! It puts mine to complete shame! Holy cow you are gorgeous! And My man left me his blanket, it is my favorite :) Loveee it when I find other MG's! :) Do you have a Facebook?! There is a group I made called "Missionary Girlfriend/Boyfriend Support!" Full of MG's! Join it, we would love to have you! :) I am soo glad you found my blog. Keep in touch cute girl!