The Artichoke Grill

I have a good friend that is in the culinary school at Scottsdale Community College and the students work at the school restaurant called The Artichoke Grill to get their credit for the program. ( the Artichoke is the school's mascot..) Mom and I decided to make it a lunch date! 

 There is a different menu every week! This is what we ordered for our first time and we loved it so much that we want to try every menu!
 Our complimentary appetizer: A chipotle raspberry cream cheese wonton.
 Homemade breads with homemade butters! The bread was amazing and it was hard for me to believe that the students made it! The butter as well!  There was a honey butter, a garlic butter and a regular butter.
 The house salad. A lemon dressing with fresh greens, asparagus, yellow squash and tomatoes. A really flavorful, petite salad!
 Beef soup that was a little strange tasting but it was made nicely! Props to the kitchen!
 My Meal was the pulled pork sandwich with onion rings and garlic potatoes. It was way too much for me to eat but the presentation was nice and the flavors were so good!
 Mom's Meal was poached salmon with a butter gravy. The salmon was cooked perfectly and the portion size was perfect!

Ladies and Gents, The Desserts were from Heaven. 
 Mom and I wanted to try a little bit of everything and luckily they had that with this beautiful sampler plate! 
 Sour cream cheesecake.
  brownie sundae.
 Raspberry sorbet with cinnamon sticks.
Blueberry mini pie.

These Desserts were so good! The service was great and it was all run by students! The total of both of our huge meals was only 30 dollars! It was so inexpensive compared to most restaurants and I definitely recommend it!

you can find the weekly menu's here

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