My Date With Liam Hemsworth

 Yeah so I hung out with Liam today. Obviously, I mean, I've got proof! He's my Australian obsession and despite all of the rumors, I'm actually NOT dating him. I did see him though at the Hunger Games cast signing party at the Scottsdale Mall! I haven't read any of the Hunger Games books but my friends dragged me along to meet the cast! I just wanted to see Liam. Turns out, only one of our friends got to go in to get his autograph. But, We could see Liam every time the line moved! He's gorgeous, even 100 ft away. The guy in our group that got to see him got his, along with three other cast member's autographs. Liam touched that poster. I'm not obsessed or anything. 

Nicole and I! Nicole had the friend that got us in because she had the hook ups with John Jay and Rich! I love being friends with journalism majors. 

After stalking occasionally looking at Liam, we went to...

The finest frozen yogurt! Yummy Yummy! Super fun day :)

 Toppings GALORE!

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