Tofu Stuffed Pasta Shells

 In high school I dressed up every day and in return was awarded the Senior Superlative Award (voted by the whole class) "Most Fashionable". I think that if anyone saw me on ASU campus they could automatically dub me as the dumpiest looking freshman. I LOVE fashion and I love clothes but I don't have much motivation to dress up any more! My boyfriend is you know, across the world and Half of the time, the kids in my class are sleeping found themselves waking up five minutes before to only have time to take a sip of alcohol and grab a granola bar and run to class! (exaggeration with the alcohol thing.. ASU is just the known party school!) I mean hey, I guess that's college for you! Everyone is living on their own! At BYU it was different however and that is one of the reasons why I loved it! Being around people that dress nicely makes everything more motivating.. maybe that's just me but, it works! I decided to take time to get dressed today before my Wednesday cooking class! Gotta look classy while cooking! My lab partner April and I both agree. We wanted to get the cutest aprons. Total girls.  Moving to Utah will be a total change but I'm down for change!
 Soy products and legumes was our lesson today in class! We chose to make tofu stuffed pasta shells and they were the ishh (term that Utah peeps use.. I'm kind of fond of making fun of it). It was a simple recipe and we didn't break any blenders! We did, however cringe at the fact that we had to use one again.
 Pour half of a package of large pasta shells into boiling pot of water. You can stick your hand in the water to make sure it's hot enough (I joke).
 Let them simmer for about ten minutes or until they are a soft, noodle consistency. Hopefully you know what noodles feel like..( I will never write a cook book because of my horrible lack of descriptive words. so if you want the actual recipe, just send me a little email! )
 The BEST Mozzarella Cheese on the planet. Actually, I'm positive that it is better in Europe.. but it's the best that we could get in a cooking class! We cut off a big chunk to nibble on and hid it under the counter. Sneaky girls. hehe.
 Station numero Four!
 April doing her thing! 
 Spinach, Tofu, Mozzarella cheese, and Romano cheese all into the blender! ( I suggest adding some basil too!)
 Fill the shells with the green mixture.
 Cover the bottom of a 9x13 pan with your tomato sauce of choice. Place the filled shells on top and then pour the rest of the sauce on the top.
 Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes, remove, add more cheese then bake for 10 minutes!
Doesn't it look delectable?! (eh? good word?)
 Now plate and serve!
 And take cute pictures with it!

It was a hit! we were the last ones done because our oven didn't preheat properly but it was worth the wait! We ate way too much of everyone's food but after class we went to a grassy park and basked in the sun :) Beautiful day for tofu stuffed shells! The only thing missing was a nice after meal nap! Every Wednesday feels like Thanksgiving!

March Photo of the day project. Instagram has challenged me to take a picture every day of the listed item for that day. Today was "something I wore" and this made for a nice picture! 
 Necklace, Nordstrom Last Chance 3 bucks. originally a ridiculous 48 bucks.. You heard me right! My obsession with Last Chance will appear in many future posts!

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