Before I reveal the surprise, just take a moment and look at my adorable little cousin Porter.
 He was the happiest little baby ever!

Now, to reveal the surprise. It was Grandma's Birthday! We drove to Tucson and the whole family met at Nate and Beth's house. Jan, Ronda and Jackie drove in from San Antonio as well! 
 We wore party hats and patiently waited for her to pull up.

 Such a happy Grandma! She was most surprised that Jan, Ronda, Jackie and the kids were there!
 Mom had to do a lot of sneaky scheming in order to make it happen!
 Not only was the surprise excellent for Grandma but for the kiddies as well. We carried on the party theme by playing childhood party games that Ronda put together that Grandma was more than willing to play!
 Noah and Canon faked a fight seen and asked me to "picture" them. 
My amazing Grandma Pat.
 Noah hogged the camera all night with his brilliant picture ideas!
 "What does this symbol even mean?" Asked Grandma Pat.. Rock on Grandma, Rock on. It took her a while to figure out how to position her hand! 

A Price party is never a party without the best food! We had a plethora of foods but Bethany made her famous chicken enchilada's which were to die for! There was also frog eyed salad, kiwi's, beans that Jackie made, chips and salsa and some salmon the Grandma contributed. 

Musical Chairs.
 Oh yes, it was a bumpin' Party!
 The Last chair. 
 Price was the winner!
 In the next game, we all got a balloon and had to run with it between our legs to the finish line. If it dropped, we had to start over. I was not good at this whatsoever but some people came up with good strategies!
Dad won both times!
Grandma with the new grandson Tagean. 
 Practicing different strategies.
 Dad received a whoopee cushion for his victory. A few minutes later, Grandma fell into the whoopee cushion trap!

Clothes Pin Drop.
 I did set the record of seven out of ten clothes pins and took home the trophy! Well, I got to pick a prize, and it was a beautiful plastic can of bubbles. 
Price and I.
 The kids, my amazing little brothers. 
 What a stud.
 JT and I.
 My favorite people in the world. 
 Pin your name on "Pat Rocks" didn't go too well for my dad. 

 Another fudge chocolate cake. 
It was a great night full of fun and games, great food and everlasting memories. It was so great to spend time with the family and of course give Grandma the birthday party that she deserves. A birthday party for one of the best Grandma's out there!

Happy Birthday Grandma.

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  1. Thank you Kendall for documenting my surprise party!! I love the way you described everything that happened at the party-you have a real talent with writing--so personable and witty! Keep on blogging! Love, Grandma