Ringing in the New Year! 2012

The night started off with a party at Nicole's house and then some fun at Austin's house! Yes I could dub myself the best designated driver.. In the world. I made 15 bucks off of some friends and do I regret it? Not at all. They don't even remember!  I love being stone cold sober :) We all dressed up in our festive sparkles and partied the night away! 2012 will bring great things and I can't wait to live it up!

 Rahul and his blondies!
 Julissa and I all peppy and dressed up, It should be said that this picture was taken BEFORE she mistakenly dropped a dart on my toe, I was not a happy camper. It's all good in the hood though! May I add that I'm a winner at darts.
 Mahh ladies chiuigin it!!

 I was just as tall as them with the hat. Just me, looking like a sad little midget.
Can I just say that I have the most gorgeous friends?! Hi 2012, we're ready for you!

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