I Still Bleed Orange!

 Meet My best friend Erica...


She brought the face paint and of course we couldn't resist slapping on some orange make up while watching the Senior Night soccer game! The girls that are seniors this year were my juniors on Varsity last year and I love them all to death! It was fun going back to support! Erica was on the soccer team but quit before this game because she was fed up with the coaching. Soccer was so fun during high school and I really do miss it! I miss wearing that vibrant orange and blinding yellow! Half of my wardrobe diminished after high school because it used to consist of about 50 different soccer shirts and sweatshirts. I tend to hoard those t-shirts! I'm a proud owner of about 100 different ones. Mostly from high school and soccer tournaments! Maybe I'll do the typical thing and make a quilt out of them. A #hiiwasinvolvedineverything blanket.
Mackenzie, Erica, Me and Brooke.
We're Sexy and we know it.

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