To Finish it Off

What a Great Trip!

Idaho was great! It was so great to get away for the weekend to see my family! The first day was very relaxed and of course I got my purses! I ended up taking the silver one back to save the money on my card for a purse that I really want that's online! 

DAY TWO: Day Number two was so hard for me! I finally got a good amount of sleep and It was not good! My mom had to literally drag me out of bed because I was so tired! In the dorm rooms I never sleep! I get about three hours of sleep just because I am always finding things to keep me from sleeping! I finally got a good ten hours of sleep in and I was tired all day! I woke up in the morning and ate and showered then went to sleep for two more hours!

We drove around downtown Idaho and looked at all of the cute houses and it was so cool! There were  so many old houses! We stopped by an estate sale and I found a cool tile that I wanted to make into a necklace!
Grandma and I checking out the random things for sale!

My 25 cent tile haha it could be a great necklace!
We drove around for about an hour and looked at the houses and there were so many community gardens! I took lots of pictures of the pretty flowers of course :) 

Every house was unique, I didn't get a lot of pictures of the houses but they were all painted a different color and they all were just so cute!

 Beautiful spring flowers that I saw on my run!

tropical flowers!

My Favorite, Sunflowers :)

 I LOVE INSTAGRAM! The app that I downloaded on my iphone is so fun! I take a picture and can edit it by putting a vintage looking film over it. it makes every picture look better!
 One of the many community gardens!

Beautiful house flowers!

After Driving around for a little while, we went back home and I slept for another 45 minutes and then, IT WAS TIME FOR SUSHI!

Sushi is my favorite food and I am not afraid to try any kind! We went to a place called Sakanna and It was so good! We sat at the Hibachi grill where they cooked our food in front of us. I just got a fried salmon roll and a salmon roll. I love salmon sushi! 

Justin and my mom making the best chocolate chip cookies ever!

Homemade cookie dough ice cream <3
To finish it off, this right here, is the wonderful friend that I met at BYU. His Name is Nathan Lewis and him and his sister were so kind to drive me up to Idaho with them! I am so glad that I met him because he lives in Arizona as well and only a few minutes from my house! We have made plans to hang out all the time when we get back :) 

Idaho was a great place to go and relax! I got to catch up on some much needed sleep as well! After the three days of being there, it was time to go back to the dorm life, which I missed dearly! The first day that I got back, I was so excited to see all of my friends and be back in my bed! It really became my home away from home!

Until next time,
XOXO Kendall

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