Can You Say ROAD TRIP!?


My Mom and Grandma flew to Idaho this weekend to visit my aunt and uncle and cousins and I really wanted to meet up with them! My family lives in Meridian Idaho which is about 10 minutes from Boise. I was talking to my good friend Nathan Lew is that I met up at BYU and he said that he and his sister were driving up to the same area this weekend! So, they offered to take me with! It was a fun trip up here with them! It was so spontaneous of me but I really wanted to see my mom! I slept on the way to there and did some homework. We stopped at Wendy's for lunch and it was so good! If I have to eat fast food, Wendy's is the place! 

Idaho is actually really nice! Everything grows here so in the housing communities it is really nice and green. My family's house is beautiful and they have the nicest garden with broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, watermelon, pumpkins and more growing in it!

 The Garden! 
Grandma, Justin and Lori! Lori and Justin were gardening together, so cute! Mom told grandma and I to get in the picture haha. She is really getting into this blog thing, she wants to document every second of my life haha. some of these pictures are pretty random but hey, gotta love my mom for wanting to help!
 Justin's Dog Roxy is adorable! So cute!
 Mom loves to take pictures of me in front of flowers!
 Pretty flowers that could never grow in Arizona!! 

I <3 Purses

You know that you are obsessed when you bring eleven purses with you to college. I mean come on, I have to have one that goes with every outfit! I wanted to bring all of my purses but that would have just be ridiculous! ;) Today, I bought three more. I know, I'm crazy, but I can never pass up a good purse! There are so many out there!

So the story behind this one is that I was given a huge graduation gift from my aunt and uncle. They sent me a Coach purse, a wallet and a hundred dollar bill! I had never gotten a gift like this! I was so speechless! I wasn't too crazy about the purse that she sent me along with the wallet but of course she gave me the receipt so I could return it for something that I absolutely loved!

I returned the two items and it added up to $400!!!  That is so much money! I really wanted to take my sweet time to decide what I really wanted though so I just put it all on a gift card. I brought the gift card up with me to Utah, expecting there to be a Coach store near BYU. Of course, just my luck, there wasn't one! I spent lots of time looking online for the perfect purse so that when the time came that I saw a coach store, I would know!

Anyway..  When I was at the house in Idaho, Mom and I ate dinner and then I checked if there was a coach store here and there was! We took my gift card and drove to a mall about 10 miles from my aunt and uncles house!
This is what I got!!! and I still have money on my gift card so there will probably be another purchase at the coach store happening soon! haha

My Purses!

My favorite!!

showing the family :)

 isn't it so cute! I love the new poppy purses!
up close there is glitter on it and some sequins and as soon as I saw it I thought that 
it was sooo me! I love it so much!
It's a fun purse I can wear with a lot of things!
Closer look! as if there aren't enough! 
 Introducing the silver purse!
 both purses!
This purse is simple yet so fun! Its silver and of course this picture makes it look really glittery but it is a nice leather and its got a great shimmer to it! I love it and it will go with anything!

Soooooo then, I needed to get some new perfume because I was fresh out! Mom and I went to Ross because perfume there is so cheap! I bought Vera Wang's Princess which is to die for! Smells so good! Then, I spotted this beauty below! I really wanted a black coach purse because I don't really have any black purses that I absolutely love. I spotted this Betsey Bag for 24 bucks at Ross. I love Ross and TJ max!! It fits awesome and its a great style too! as you can tell, I love cross body bags!
<3 Betsey
 The first day in Idaho was interesting! It was just a day to settle in and hang out. We ate pasta and salad for dinner and a lot of the things that were used in the dinner were fresh from the garden! so good! I went shopping of course and then went on a nice run! I run every day in Utah but the elevation is higher there! Not by much but I felt like I could run forever! I only went for twenty minutes though because it got really dark and my mom called me to come home. haha. she is a worrier plus, she wanted to take a picture of me running? haha weird but I guess I better document everything that I do!
loved running!

Yup, It's official, I'm obsessed with purses.
I have a long day planned for tomorrow including a sushi dinner!! I miss my sushi!!

Until next time,

XOXO Kendall

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  1. Haha you're adorable! Loving the purses :)