Summer Lovin', Happened So Fast!!

I met so many great people at BYU and did so many fun activities! The classes were hard but I loved being in the atmosphere of everything! I was a gospel doctrine teacher, made so many friends, loved my roommate, had many summer romances, probably gained half of my freshman 15 and seriously kicked my butt studying!! I got great grades while having a great time! I was so happy that I chose to go for the summer! I hope to go back ASAP! :)

So since I never really posted about BYU there are so many pictures that need to be posted! here are just a few from the many things that my friends and I did!

My beautiful roommate Julia Bishop! She was an amazing roommate! we stayed up so late together watching videos and laughing and just talking! I miss her so much!

There is a plethora of pictures and this was the best way of doing it!

Y Mountain


Trevor and his faces and Tots

Bowling with the Girls!

My Boys :)

Harry Potter Premier! 

Mona Lake... Super Burnt

Idaho Flowers

Idaho with My new Best friend Nathan Lewis :) 

Last Goodbyes
Makayla and I spent a nice Saturday together! everyone else went to the Stadium of Fire but we went to a great  street fair! These were brazilian lemonades that were so good! We also got feather hair extensions and this fair and they were so cute!! 
I was constantly skyping my best friends back at home! I missed them so much!!!!
The complete room decor :)
Best Summer Ever.


  1. this is so cute! I'm sad you won't be going here this fall though :( I love seeing your adorable outfits every day!

  2. Thanks Sarai!! I'm moving to Provo this summer though!