{ Loving the Plan of Happiness } #34

 Dearest loved ones,

June already?! How's the sun over there?  ;)

So something super exciting coming up on the 12th, Elder Viñas is going to visit the mission and speak with us at our chapel! The Zone La Plata (My zone) is preparing a choir to sing at it! The practices have been going super well and it allows us to get even closer as a zone. He will be traveling to each zone but our meeting will be the three zones in La Plata and rumor has it that the coast will be coming too! 

The other day we had a great opportunity. We have been praying for opportunities to teach through the members. Hermana Frazer sent us a text saying that she's got a friend she wants us to meet at 6. We had to move tons of things around but we had to act on the call! We went and got to know the friend who doesn't believe in God but happily accepted a pamphlet and we planted the seed and were able to support Hermana Frazer in her missionary work! I really enjoy teaching about the plan that we have in this life.

So bad news... Marcelo didn't go to church. We were crushed because he's just so great!! We are excited though to keep working with him. The baptism was for the 14th but it will be moved to the next transfer. Real conversion takes time. 

I love the Plan of Salvation...of Happiness

This weekend we taught Flor and Daniel about life after death. Daniel is glued to his Bible. He asks so many great questions and nothing is better than seeing his smile when we find an answer in the BOM and then the Bible as well. I have gained such a strong testimony of the Plan Heavenly Father has for us. As I was testifying of it's truth, I could feel it. The Spirit is so great and it can work through us. That is when we know that we really don't do anything but guide everyone to feel the happiness as well. At times before I'd look at the Plan and think but what if? or that's strange.. or I just didn't get it. But it came to me that's its all so simple.  I know that I will live with my family FOREVER: my brothers, my little sister, my parents, my future kids, grandparents and so forth. The Plan of Happiness is worth it. It's plain, simple and possible and I want it for my family. I want it for Flor and Daniel. They are amazing and they are in the journey of finding happiness. Flor is helping him fly as an investigator and they are one step closer to the next step of the plan. :)

So the work is good! I got my Argentina foreigner Id and it's literally like a mug shot. oh and the packages that were lost? yeah they finally came. Hello 2nd Christmas! well... it'll last through Christmas because no more packages! My companion is the sweetest! So sweet I want to smack her sometimes. But she ate the wasabi  from a roll of sushi like a champ thinking it was avocado.... that was and interesting moment. hahaha I've learned so much from her just as I have learned from the talents of all of my companions. 

In the Principles of the Gospel class we were taught about developing our talents. We've all got them and we couldn't get anywhere without the talents of other people. I loved relating it to the Parable of the talents in Matthew 25. I hope to never be the one to hide my talents... but that through 1. Discovering 2. Dedicating time to develop 3. Faith in God and myself  4. Practice, Practice, Practice, desire and will, I can gain and develop and share my talents. 

Are we good servants? Matt 25:21

We are every day working towards perfection! D&C 67:13... The attribute of Patience will keep us going every day. 

We're reading Preach my gospel for the next 25 weeks as a mission and we've got a plan. Wanna join us?

Have the best week everyone! Love you lots and remember to smile…because a smile can be the only sunshine that a person will receive in a day :)

Hermana Barrett

All the hermanas of two of the La Plata zones at La Republico de Niños.. an Argentin Disneyland that we went to today with the zone! there was no one there but... we made it fun! haha :)

Color by Numbers!

25 Weeks of Preach my Gospel!  Join me and let me know your thoughts!

My companion is super cute...9 months out already!

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