{ Gaby & A Room with a View } #17

So we sure did feel the prayers this week because Gabriella was baptized! When the day came we felt so happy for her. The happiness she felt and the peace that she had after the baptism was amazing. Gaby is from Bolivia and wants to start her mission papers right away! She's de 10! (a saying here that pretty much means she's the best) She is 21 years old and our new best friend. Her family is like our second family and they feed us dinners and take good care of us. Also Gaby's got a BF from Spain so we talk all about the food there and the culture. I love being reminded of the fun times I had there!  Yay for Gaby! I have seen so much happiness come from this gospel and from being out in the mission field. I love that other people can feel the same way all the time too! 

So to start off the week I had an exchange with the Hermana Adama from Peru in Mar de Ajo. Their apartment is literally one block from the beach... I stared for a good 30 minutes. It's pure fields and farms with a bit of city and I loved it! I love being able to travel a bit to do exchanges.

We've been doing branch missionary activities every Friday and because right now is the temporada of working, no one can ever come to our activities.  But, even if one family comes we still do them! Last week we showed a movie and this week we played games, with literally one family, but we're loving trying to bring this branch together more. 

This whole week we felt as though people were just throwing oil down our throats... fried this and fried that... we'll be eating in the apartment this week. We just can't have any more nights with stomach ache/no sleeping syndromes! But we're okay... as in not dead! haha

So I'm stupid... but the day of the baptism I was following super close to Hna Diaz and I grabbed on to her and she fell!  We biffed it on the ground... like literally biffed it hard. I thought it was funny..she didn't though for like 5 minutes. Oops! Then later that night I scuffed my heel, got bit by 500 mosquitos and then hit my head on a cabinet. Fun times! Sometimes we gotta go through the rough times for the good times!

We really wanted to take a picture with the beach today because we don't know who is leaving for transfers! We can't be closer than a few blocks away from the beach at this time of the year (we are guessing because of the scantily clad beach goers) sooo we found a random apartment to go up to look out. As we're randomly ringing bells, the branch president pulls up and says, “Are you looking for me?” Turns out he works at the apartment complex. Embarrassing. So long story short he couldn't let us go up and the idea was a failure..but anyway...

This week we are working on trying to find lots of new people to teach and to reactivate families by offering service and inviting them to activities! 

Miguel is an investigator super special for us. He is super shy but we are always so excited to meet with him and to share our happiness because he is truly looking for it in his life. 

Transfers are coming up on Monday and we have no idea what will happen. I've really enjoyed my time here in Pinamar… in la costa! Time is flying by so fast! Every Monday just pops up super fast. 

We are traveling to go to the Buenos Aires Temple this Friday. It will be my first time in a Spanish Speaking temple!  I have also loved hearing lots about the Gilbert Temple! I hope that everyone gets to go through it these weeks! I really, really hope all the youth appreciate the chance to participate in the celebration of the dedication!! Such a great opportunity!

Hermana Figueroa and I have become super close. Working together in all that we do and enjoying all of the fun times! Our branch has been difficult but through teaching lessons on Sundays, visiting everyone, creating ideas and showing our love for them all, we have seen improvement and lots of families are returning to church. I love this work, I love this language, and I love this blessing that I have to serve a mission!! 

I hope everyone has a great week and remember always...

"It is not the place, nor the condition, but the mind alone that can make anyone happy or miserable"
                                                       -L' Estrange  

Little words of wisdom for the day! Haha

Con Amor,

Hermana Barrett
Right after Baptism

Kisses for Gaby

Lots of people attended Gaby's Baptism.
Happy Smile from Hermana Diaz
Happy Baptism Treat
Bus travel to a new area for Exchanges for the day.

These Hermanas have quite the view!

Mar de Ajo has farms and ponies!

La Familia Turca!

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