{ Farewell to Pinamar! } #18

First off.... I'm in Cañuelas... Second of all... I'm not in Pinamar!!!!! :( 

But, I'm needed elsewhere right now and I'm super excited!

I never knew that I would grow to love the people of Pinamar so much. Four months in that place made me super fond of it. It was my home! I love the people, I love everything about it and right when I was super super comfortable, The Lord needed me somewhere else. So here I am in Cañuelas... There's a bunch of cows and sheep and a cute little center towny thing. My comp said we buy our milk from a member that has a cow... where am I?? But it's seriously super nice! I love my new pench and my companion is Hermana Villena. She's from Peru and is super sweet! I've been here for four hours so I can't say too much but the transfer from Pinamar to Cañuelas was long and difficult! haha

Wednesday night I got the call that I was being transferred so Thursday we spent all day visiting the families and saying bye... hardest thing of my life. But I know that I will see them again someday. It was all so bittersweet and I didn't know how hard it would really be until I'm actually here.. without it all, in a new area. Pinamar will always have my heart. 

We started at 3 in the morning on Friday and with no sleep because I was packing all night... oops!  Then we headed in a small bus with 18 people    ( the whole zone)  and a good 12 or so suitcases... yeah we didn't sleep one wink and finally got to the temple.  After 7 hours and literally safari riding through rivers of flooded streets from the huge amount of rain we had! You'd think Argentina would do something about that but… no, the rain keeps coming and it just keeps flooding!  So we got to the temple and it was so beautiful! It felt so great to attend after 4 or so months and even more great to go with all the people I love!   

After the temple we said our goodbyes.. to Hermana Blanco... Hermana Diaz and Hermana Figueroa. We built such a strong friendship that I will never forget. I was the only one that got transferred.  So that's a bummer but I'm also super excited to see what's ahead in this area! We headed to a pench of the Hermana's in Banfield and stayed there until Monday morning doing divisions. Monday morning we headed to the chapel for the transfer meeting and guess who I saw right away... Hermana Rodriguez!!!!!!!!! We chatted for a while and I was so happy to see her! The meeting was great and as soon as it was over I met my companion and we were off. We went from train to train lifting a bunch of suitcases.... I felt like I had super strength like one of the members in Pinamar who explained to us the other day that he had the strength to throw a car.... yeah... Idk. But seriously, it was hard work and the wheels on my luggage... gone. But it's whatever haha. We're here and I'm super excited to start the work here! It's a fresh start and I love my companion so far! 

Miguel got baptized Sunday!!!! Miracles Happen!!! I wasn't there to see it but what a great time I had in Pinamar... I will always remember it! 

This week I had exchanges with Hermana Blanco! We got super wet and Pinamar was totally flooded.. haha I find it quite fun :)

Well I hope everyone has a great week! I love hearing from everyone and we will see what Cañuelas has to bring this week! Until next week!!!

Con mucho mucho amor,
Hermana Barrett 

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  1. No pictures this week…on a new computer and the pictures would not download. Hopefully she can re-send them next week, then I will add them to this post.
    -Kendall's Mom