Weekend Update

This weekend was just full of fun! Friday we took a trip to the Utah State Fair in Salt Lake. The Zipper spun us around to get our stomachs turning and also launched Nick's phone into the abyss. The other ride that we rode pushed us against the wall while spinning, just about ceased our ride riding fun! All I wanted was something nice and good to eat after my stomach was tortured but then we were determined to find the fried food stand all of the sudden. What's a fair without fried goodness?! We got a PB&J, Oreo's, a Twinkie and a Snickers.. basically the works. They all tasted the same to me.. deep fried! The best out of the 4 had to be the Oreo.. but I don't recommend getting any of them, well... maybe the deep fried green jello that we so sadly passed up! We continued the night by walking around and were tempted many times to pay a dollar to see the worlds largest alligator. We resisted and headed for the exit. The fair treated us real well. Got our self a little bit of Utah culture! 
The boy's with their Blake Griffin look-a-like.

Utah's Holy War was televised in our apartment courtyard on Saturday night. Thanks to Brother Johns for the sweet set up! Go Cougs.. oh wait.. they obviously lost because they tried to play past 12. Sabbath day observance of course. 

Sunday was zone conference and were were graced with Elder Oak's presence! The talks were amazing, the seats were uncomfortable and it was hotter than hannah up in that building. Great Sunday!
Especially because I got to see my best friend behind the counter at Beto's at 12:19 AM Monday morning. Jokes! She's seen better days and obviously hates the fact that I'm taking a picture of my two friends buying a beloved bean and cheese burrito or maybe she's just tired of the typical monday morning rush. Hey, at least we observed the sabbath! 12:19 baby! After we scarfed down our burrito's with salsa verde and told Zach to wipe some massive grease off of his chin we headed home and vowed to stay healthy for a week, cease all Beto's runs and keep our hands off of the candy jar. At that moment we set out the Beto's fund jar, put a quarter in it and let it grow until next Monday morning.  
Happy Weekending! 

Oh and P.S. Saturday Night Live is back, I'm an FHE mom, I made a successful meatloaf and It's starting to get cold here.  Exciting life in P-town!