The Big Two Oh!

20 years old? Already?! 
This year was not like most years. I've always loved planning and throwing extravagant parties for my birthday's and of course I am always used to being with my family! Provo doesn't have my family, the funds for parties aren't really showing up any time soon (ahem..I need a little thing called.. a job), getting older means less hype about birthdays but all I needed was my best friends! The birthday started off with a seven a.m. breakfast at Kneaders. That french toast just had to be part of the day no matter what! Afterwards, Makayla went to school and Julie and I climbed into bed and went back to sleep. (into our own beds.. sorry for any confusion..) Then, after lots of intense research from days ahead, I picked up my list of free birthday meal restaurants and crossed off Firehouse subs and the Sweet Tooth Fairy!  There is just something about free food that makes a meal so much more satisfying!  Consequently, I'm going to find myself deleting and unsubscribing from a lot of emails because in order to get the free stuff, you gotta subscribe to the annoying emails. It's worth it! Right? Yes.
Anyway, the rest of the day was relaxing and I received a huge package from home full of homemade brownies with candles, some random things that I left at home and streamers to celebrate! I also got a great card from some family with a nice crisp 20 dollar bill. That, my friends, is the most sought after present for a college student. Did I mention I'm still looking for a job? Well, I'm mentioning it again! I have to throw a disclaimer out there though.. nothing can beat the onesie that Makayla so thoughtful gifted to me. It's so comfortable. Kendi likey. 
Dinner was at Happy Sumo for sushi of course! Again, I brought my 15 dollar off coupon, cha ching! Free sushi. I went with my favorite girls Julie and Makayla and our new friends/roommates as well, Ashley and Kacie. I am seriously so blessed to have amazing roommates that I get along with so well. Apartment 108.. always pullin' through. 

I'd say that it's been an amazing two decades of life! Life is good, all is well and there are so many more adventures to come! Bring on the 20's! 
You're not cool unless you've got that leopard belt. 
A fantastic end to a fantastic day!

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