The Pomegranate Cafe

Doesn't this look like the most delicious meal ever?! Well, It was! Nicole and I went to the Pomegranate Cafe the other day which is an adorable vegan cafe. I ordered the Caribbean burger with pomegranate bbq sauce, pomme frites, veggies and cilantro hummus.  Nicole got a tofu salad lookin' thing and a 'to die for' green smoothie in a mason jar. What's with the mason jar trend? Whatever it is, I love it!  We got some mango strawberry cheesecake, a Brazilian chocolate brownie and a chocolate macaroon for dessert. This food was so good, rich and all natural, with no animal products of course. If I were rich.. i'd live this way. I give props to all those that are vegan. Anyway, it was such a cute restaurant and I'll definitely be visiting it again! A new favorite

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Have a beautiful day loves!

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