Long, Long, Eyelash Extensions!

Who wouldn't want unbelievably long eyelashes and random people asking them if they were real or not?! I finally got them. I don't have to wear mascara, they're life changing and they were so inexpensive. As I was laying on the bed for an hour as each eyelash was being well, extended, I didn't even fall asleep because I was so excited!  All my Arizona peeps are freaking out because it's not as popular with them yet but Utah's got it going on! I feel pretty when I wake up in the morning and when i'm at the gym. So here's a few really attractive selfies with an attempt to capture the greatness of my new lashes. I'm obsessed

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  1. Eyelash extensions are fantastic to enhance your natural lashes to look longer and more full- They won't damage your lashes as long as the appropriate length and diameter is chosen according to your natural lashes. Anything too long or too thick causes excess weight and it will cause your natural lashes to shed sooner than normal. Your set looks super cute, but they seem a little long, so if you are planning to wear extensions for long term talk with your stylist :) But if you like the long look I would just do it for a special occasion.