A Luxurious California Getaway. Day numero uno..

May 5th was my last post? Seriously? So embarrassing. I'd like to start out with my epic catch up by posting about my California trip somewhere around... three weeks ago.. SO FUN. It was great to get away and to just relax for a week straight. We went to the beach, shopped, explored San Diego and played at the wonderful resort that we were super lucky to stay at! Here's the trip per photographs.. with my new fabulous 50mm lens, and of course Instagram. 
I Love California. 
 50mm lens, I love you.
 Our fuzzy caterpillar friend!
I guess you could say that we had an alright view..
 The resort restaurant was amazing! Food is so much better on vacation anyway. I eat what I want, no shame!
 Pool hair we don't care.
 I had a huge hankering for some good shrimp cocktail, my favorite! Please ignore the very successful photo bomber. 
 Mom's feast of a salmon salad. 
 We couldn't get much happier than this! 
Our first day in Escondido was, to say the least, hoppin.

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