Well, It's that time again! Instagram starts it's photo a day shabang! I plan to actually follow through on this one. March had some great photos but after a couple weeks I gave up! This should be fun. 
 Day 1 and 2 (you see how what I did there? Making up for a day that I forgot?) #your reflection & # Color

The rest of these have nothing to do with Photo A Day April but they're still some Instalove!
Julissa and I went to the new Pita Jungle by our house and It was AHHHMAZING. Pita Jungle is always promising and one of my all time favorites!. Our waitress, however, looked and sounded like she was on crack. She also did a horrible job of filling my water. Basically, I was afraid of her but she still received a bad tip. Then, we ran away quickly. 
 I made a nice trip to Goodwill today after the gym (See what I did there? name dropping the gym. Yeah I went and had a real nice work out. ) I got a couple belts, a scarf and a cupcake display.. for the new apartment of course! I do love me some thrift shopping! As I was walking through the book aisle I stumbled across this familiar book. What a great sight to see, someone giving their Book of Mormon away to a second hand store... Hey, I guess it's a missionary effort!
 I will leave you with this. 
Did you all see the Hunger Games? People have been raving about it since it came out! I've seen it twice. Guilty! I read the book in one sitting and absolutely loved the movie! Yeah a lot of things were left out and one could complain that the casting was a bit wack but I thought it was quality. That tracker jacker scene was genius. The cave scene was way too short. Peeta is a master of disguise. Katniss runs weird. I want to be friends with Rue. I'm glad that Cato died a very violent death. Peeta loves Katniss but I guess what I'm trying to say is that Peeta can bake my buns anytime. 


  1. That food with the tomatoes and mozzarella looks so good!

    1. It was so good! The basil in it made it taste amazing! Thanks for stopping by the blog!