All I hear is Joe's Real.

All of this talk in my house about Joe's Real BBQ got me thinking.. can it really be THAT  good? The boys go there for every birthday and since it was Dad's 52nd birthday yesterday (Wow he's into his sixth decade!) I tagged along with the boys just to see what this place was about. Three men and a woman going to get there fill on meat. My kind of meal.  It's located in Old Town Gilbert and I have to say, it really was as good as they said! I got the BBQ chicken sandwich with Mac & Cheese, beans, a nice glass of homemade root beer and the infamous root beer cake (which was pretty much the best texas sheet cake in the universe). The onions and peppers were put on the sandwich along with some home made BBQ sauce and then, I just ate. Ate until I couldn't eat anymore. The thought of eating again does not make my stomach happy. This meal was quality and when I say quality, I mean QUALITY! I will totally be going with the men on their next trip to Joe's. That will be in a few months, when I feel like eating again. Go to Joe's! Yeah!


  1. Have you ever been to joes farm grill? SO. GOOD.

    1. I've never been but I've heard it's super good!! I'll have to go sometime!