Hello there funk, wait no.. Goodbye funk!

Sprouts and Whole Foods are my favorite stores, I drink so much water that I'm surprised I haven't drowned myself, Lifetime Fitness is going to miss me when I move to Utah.. well, I know I'm going to miss it, I read cookbooks for fun anything that has to do with food.. I love! So I've kind of been in a funk lately. Just a weird, lazy, not motivated kind of funk. Didn't want to exercise, didn't want to eat well and definitely didn't get enough sleep and water! Well, This week I started with a clean slate! Kendall is back, back for good! So I mentioned that I love Sprouts and Whole foods. I kid you not, I could spend hours in those stores just looking around. I'm fascinated by food : eating it, cooking it, studying it, mostly eating it.  So, Today mom and I took a trip to Sprouts to get some fresh produce. Woo! That's my kind of fun!
Yummy fruit. So Fresh.
A little bit of this made...
This! Yeah I am getting out of this funk!
Isn't it so weird how shrimp starts out clear and then turns pink when cooked?! 
Too add to your mouth watering.. Take a look at my breakfast this morning! I really do love being able to cook for myself. I don't ever want to set foot in a dorm cafeteria again! Well, maybe the cannon center a few times.  #photoadayapril #whereiateforbreakfast

Jazmin, Aka my new best friend, Aka this awesome girl that I randomly decided to chat it up with at the temple a couple weeks ago and we became automatic best friends. The temple brought us together. Anyway, Jazmin and I went to do baptisms at the temple last night and it was so fun! I love that girl to death! There was a girl sitting next to me in the font room that had eyelash extensions. Yes, I asked her. We are now friends because she is giving me the number to the most inexpensive salon in the world! Hello eyelash extensions! I can't wait to look like I have horse eyelashes <3. Oh and I'm not just friends with her for that.. She's a nice little girl! Jazmin and I went to Nelson's Custard afterwards (more food) and it was so tasty. More than tasty but I'll just use tasty for lack of a better adjective. The guy in the drive thru was mormon, obviously, it's in Mesa and we gave him some advice to be a great guy. The End.

Please enjoy this lovely picture of my husband and I taking our wedding pics outside of the temple! Nahhhht. This girl had the cutest dress! As I was driving up I creepily snapped a couple pictures and creepily stopped to tell her her dress was nice then sped around the corner.. My wheels gave a little squeal when I sped off. I don't know why I was in such a hurry to get out of there.. probably because the couple was so stinking cute! Ahh weddings. 
 Spring at the temple. My obsession for flowers grows every day! 

Anyway so moral of this random post. I'm out of my funk, I like food too much, I post about it too much, you can find me in Sprouts or Whole Foods anytime and I'll be the one studying the food and sampling the granola, cute couples are just too cute, I'm obsessed with planning my future wedding (stay away from my wedding Pinterest board), It's time to start looking for the cutest wedding dress, flowers are pretty, I love Jazmin and life is great, so great! 

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