A Magical Weekend

Where to Start! Well I guess we will start off with the obligatory airport photo! I'm off to Utah for 5 days to spend time with my best friends and check out the place that I will be living in the summer!
 Ready for the long, hour and a half airplane ride! 

Makayla picked me up from the Salt Lake City Airport and it was the best reunion EVER. I missed that girl so much! We talked the whole drive home to her beautiful dorm in Chipman at Helaman Halls! Oh, does this place bring back memories or what?! So that night, Thursday we were super tired and just went right to sleep!  We attempted sleeping in her twin sized bed but I guess I "booty bumped" Makayla off. Oops. I was sentenced to the floor for the rest of the trip. I really didn't mind it! Lots of room, concrete carpeted floors, you know, the usual stuff I like to sleep on. 

Friday morning Makayla slept through her morning class, I went running.Yes I ran by the MTC. Anyway, After getting ready for the day, We ate lunch in the Cannon Center with Kevin. Oh holy food. It's a buffet.The salad bar is where it's at! Oh and I won't forget to mention the desserts. Rice Crispy treats, Mint chocolate brownies and soft serve ice cream from HEAVEN! When you're lucky there is cheescake. It's bomb. Anyway, I know that If I ate here for more than one semester, I would go crazy because it is some of the same stuff every day.

With Makayla in American Heritage.
Bad Idea, there was a quiz. I was just a visitor! It got rul awk.  haha oops! After class, We set off to do some shopping at the University mall and The Riverwoods. We had some luck at Forever 21 and Victoria Secret and.. I saw my friend Avery at Called to Surf! Such a cute girl. I love the people in Utah. Everyone is so friendly! We also went to King Henry, my home for this upcoming Summer, Fall and Winter. I'll be there with random roomies for the summer but then Makayla and Julie will be joining me in ze fall. It was a nice place and I'm so excited to be living there. I just want to start decorating already!
 For dinner we hit up Firehouse Subs, got way too full and regretted it after. Whatever. We went to target to pick up some things and I tried on some nice wedding looking rings. You know, just totally in love with my boy! It's never to early to start planning! I heard from him tonight and just fell more in love, if that's even possible. My love just keeps growing every day that he is gone! Love it.  
Something a little like this? 
We got a call from Makayla's brother in law's brother Doc and his friend Kevin! They invited us to sushi!It was fun hanging out with them and of course getting some free sushi hehe. This was our second dinner for the night. Don't judge.  It was free!
Cucumber wrapped salmon, tuna and avocado.

After Sushi we went home because Makayla had early work in the morning! 

Makayla had work All Day today so it was pretty much up to me to find things to do! It wasn't that hard considering I knew the place and had things to do!
The weather was a bit gloomy today, preparing for some rain and snow! Here's the infamous Helaman Halls! Freshman central filled with loads of memories. Today I retraced a lot of my steps from when Nathan and I were here together. It was awesome being here but I miss that boy and summer! It didn't help that the weather was literally trying to depress me. 

First stop: Kneaders! A Utah staple, this place will be the death of me! Fresh baked food from the Gods. I can't wait to get my bread from this place weekly.  It was within walking distance of Helaman halls so I snatched the spare key and started walking! 
 The best item on the Kneaders menu is the All You Can Eat Cinnamon French toast. It's thick, sweet, buttery and UNLIMITED! I can only down about three slices because they are so big. Too bad they only serve breakfast until 11:00! I was so bummed but I went for the Chicken Pesto Sandwich!
 I was not let down! This sandwich was quality and was served with parmesan chips. Yum!
Couldn't say no to this.
The Best.
Next Stop: The BYU Bookstore! I could get lost in this place for days! There is so much to look at! Including this book.
 Makayla and I have a dream to get into the cupcake business like.. in the fall. We're calling our cupcake business, a cupcake a day keeps the doctor away. It will probably be shortened to DANK. Dank meaning, the ish, or the best thing ever. We're putting a twist on Dank.

So around 3:00 I was feeling like I was wasting my day. I bought some stuff including a journal, a keychain for Scotland and one of those pathetic 98c missionary temple count down things. Yeah I stooped that low haha. I made plans with Erika and while she was getting ready I walked over to the temple. (Right across from the MTC, Nathan was right there!) I creeped as much as possible. Not creepy at all. 

Erika was randomly driving around the temple while coming home from her grandpa's house so she picked me up and we went to her apartment. We took a nice stroll down Center Street. Never again. Sketch pawn shops and Chinese restraunts. They really need to update that place! However, on our way, we stopped by a place called Sammy's. A small shake and burger shop in the middle of no where. 

 ummm Hi Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake Shake. 
 After our walking and talking we went back to the apartment and made some food. chicken nugget salad. Done! Makayla came over after work and we all went to see a scary movie! Well, Erika and I were the only ones that watched it, Makayla stared at the ground and plugged her ears the whole time. What a trooper

IHOP was our next destination to celebrate Kevin's birthday. Good thing IHOP is 24/7 because we were up until sunrise! Okay, not that early but, you know what I mean. The boys thought it was funny to put sugar in my water. It wasn't. I got the usual,  Funny Face Pancake and that kraft mac and cheese! Don't hate! 

Chill Day. We Slept through church. Oops.. 

Makayla had some studying to do so I picked up my hunger games book and read it from front to back in five hours. I had to finish it before the movie this Friday! It was so good and it was hard to put down! I spent today reading, and on pinterest. I would say that it was a quality day!

Kneaders, Zupa's, Pretty Little Liars, Dance vids,  and Introducing Makayla to Pinterest.
 My first time eating at another Utah staple, Zupas. I agree, it is a staple. As in when I move up here, I will be going at least twice a week! It's really cheap and better than good! Definitely a fan.

The many faces of Makayla.

After Zupa's we rushed to the dorm to watch Pretty Little Liars and stuff our faces with Makayla's Oreo stash..! So good, the show, and the Oreo's. Then later that night we recorded ourselves dancing. Great footage. Too bad it's too embarrassing to ever post. 

Erika Makayla and I had a rul good day!

Tuesday. The last day. 
the last mint brownie 
 Ate it all. Not ashamed.
 Oh man.. Just try it!

Makayla is too excited for the new movie...
Around 3:00 we went to the Cannon Center one last time before my departure! 
We spent the rest of the day resting and while Makayla was taking a test,  I called and got my apartment for the summer settled, my schooling for the fall figured out and got lot's of questions answered. Accomplished lots today! Don't you just love that feeling?

Time to leave. I was really dreading this time! I didn't want to leave at all! I love it too much in Utah! Mostly because of my best friend! I tried to fit her in my suitcase but it was just a little too small.

 On our way to the airport we stopped at The Gateway shopping center in Salt Lake. I saw the beautiful Salt Lake Temple and BYU Salt Lake where I'll be going in the Fall. Erika joined us for some shopping after her classes which just consisted of us lusting after everything in Anthropologie and  taking our last pictures together!

 We love Salt Lake!
 Oh Gurrrll Lemme get that!
 I Love her.
 She got dat swag
 So proud to call them my Best Friends.
 Majestic Dancers.
 There is just something about our Love.
 If you're a bird, I'm a bird!
! Can't wait to reunite soon!
Cuddle Buddies for Life <3

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