Why Me!

Does anyone dislike Mandarin oranges as much as I do? They were in my salad today and I almost gagged.  

On a lighter note, here is my funny, really weird and more than slightly uncomfortable story for the day.
There I was, minding my own business on my phone, sending a very important email, and eating my less than desirable salad from Chik-fil-et  in the ASU MU when a young man approached my table. I didn't see him at first but once my trusty peripherals kicked in, I was a bit startled! He greeted me with a nice hello and I started to awkwardly clear off my stuff to make some room for this complete stranger to sit at the table. ( Always awksauce) After all, he just wanted a seat, right? Wrong. He didn't sit. He simply stated, "Wow, that's a nice salad you got there". What was I supposed to say? Thanks? Yeah, it's good? I didn't know so I just laughed and stared at my salad praying for help. I looked back at him and he said, " Well I don't think that I can sit down and eat lunch with you today but"... and then the uncomfortable thing happened... he started to raise his eyebrows up and down... Like.. uhhh What!? So after he moves his eyebrows he continues by saying, " You know, (eye brow raise. eyebrow raise)." By this time I wanted to leave all of my stuff at the table and SPRINT away frantically. I absolutely despise eyebrow raising. So instead of running away, I decided to say, "hold on, I really need to send off this email". Then I proceeded to finish my email. While I was doing so he asked me my name and of course we exchanged names. Was it Kevin? Connor? Creep? I can't remember, they all sound the same to me when I'm not interested. As soon as I was done with the email I turned to him and he was still raising his eyebrows. Mind you I was still trying to hold down my vomit from the sight of mandarin oranges and then the eyebrow raising? Great... So I just turned to him and stared, what was I supposed to say? Was this really happening? Then I just blurted out that I was engaged... Hey, It's an excuse to get anyone away! But no, he stayed for a good three minutes more. He said he accepted that but that he was trying to get the most out of his time left at ASU and that he is trying to hold in his frustration and tears from my rejection. Was I dreaming?! He then went on to inform me that he doesn't have a mom and that both of his grandparents died this morning. Okay, I just met this guy and he is fishing for some ultimate pity. Of course I showed some sympathy with an "oh, I'm sorry". I cannot tell you how many times I politely wished him luck with his life and told him that it was nice (interesting) to meet him and he still didn't take the hint! The hint that I would rather gag on my mandarin oranges in a burning pit of fire (extreme exaggeration) than have one more awkward minute with him. He finally left after I told him to have a nice day.  Conversation closer. End scene.  I was nice, civil, and more than a bit frazzled by this event but hey, he seemed fine and maybe some chick will dig his eyebrow raising some day.  Thank you mystery man for making my day complete and utter awkwardness.

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  1. Ohhh those creeps!
    I hate being stuck in those horrible, awkward situations too. What's even worse is when they can't catch the hint your not interested haha. I liked the way you told your story! Hilarious!