A little old night on the town.

Scottsdale is the town TO BE on a Saturday night! Well, for those over the age of 21 and those that have lots of money to blow at the high end stores and super bumpin' clubs. So considering that we didn't fall under either of these qualifications for a good night on the town, we decided to just take a trip to be in that atmosphere, you know, scope it out for when we REALLY want to have a good time in the future! This did consist of driving past Myst two or three times.. give or take.  Our night consisted of anything BUT lame activities.  We went to Sprinkles, a cute cupcake place that may or may not be very overrated but is still super cute! Erica got the red velvet and I got the chocolate vanilla. I would like to give a shout out to Sprinkles for giving me a heavenly experience. So good! After standing in line for a four dollar cupcake, we walked around Old Scottsdale. Two young girls, running around, alone..looking for things to do, couldn't be any more safe! Am I right?

We hit up Grimaldi's for dinner and bought a freakishly large pizza for two people! Don't you just hate it when you suggest that your best friend would LOVE your favorite topping of pesto on pizza and she ends up hating it? For one, seriously, try the pesto pizza at Grimaldi's because it's ahhhmazing and secondly, I ended up eating it. All 8 pieces... Just joking, but Erica played the " I'm full" card, even though I know she just wasn't feelin' the pesto. Whelp, I brought leftovers home for the fambam!

After dinner we walked back to the car and scurried past all of the dark allies. I thought about giving my leftover pizza to a homeless lady but then I told myself that it was just too dang good. Is that bad? I feel like I should have given her a bite. Gee now I want to drive back there. The pizza was a hot commodity for me, some dog that followed us down the street and probably that homeless lady. Everyone but Erica pretty much. Okay, I'm over my failure to suggest great food. 

Good Saturday Night!

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