Dust off That Paper!

For the next two years I will be retreating to an out dated communication method that was used in the age of the dinosaurs... letter writing. I can't send that quick text or pop up chat but I get to write everything down on paper, another thing that will probably go extinct soon! I've always had a love for handwritten things and have developed a talent of handwriting. We had a conversation at the dinner table when my Grandparents were in town this past weekend about how kids probably don't even know how to hand write anymore. It's all print to us! My Grandpa asked me if I was a printer or if I hand wrote everything. I stupidly asked, "wait, is there a difference?" Grandpa say's I'm a printer because I spend time on what I write and in all of my letters to them, I print, AKA never use cursive. I was taught cursive in the 4th grade and was told that in fifth grade I would have to write all of my papers in cursive and I couldn't move on to middle school unless I was perfect at cursive! The worry bug in me took action and I practiced my cursive and my "print" every day! I constantly tried to perfect my handwriting and there was a time where I went back and forth trying to decide if I wanted the A to look like how it was typed in times new roman or if I wanted it to look like an "O" with a tail. Yeah I was pretty serious about my handwriting! One may say obsessed but that's just crazy.... heh.. Anyway through all of this practice, I was never asked to write in cursive after 4th grade. EVER! Quite honestly, I think everyone forgot! There are quite a few of those pesky uppercase letters that I will just never get down! 

Along with cursive, the art of letter writing has really just fallen off the radar.  I don't think I would ever write a letter if it hadn't been for Nathan leaving and that being the only form of communication allowed! It's such a cool thing and although it's only been a month since he left,  I don't know what I would do without it! Nathan and I write letters very often and I get the pleasure of a quick email every Tuesday. It's amazing how much a letter can fuel your day!  Being the crafty girl and calligraphy fanatic that I am, I doodle all over the letters, use my favorite pens ( I'm pretty picky with my pens) and yes, I still obsess about my handwriting!

 I might have a great relationship with my mailman pretty soon. Haven't come in contact with him but I can tell you that I walked down the street while he was at the mail box and I did the awkward "Operation go to a place where he can't see me but I can see him so that I know when he leaves" as soon as our eyes met.  So an awkward relationship it will always be. 

Just a couple weeks in! 

I really enjoy the feeling when I get when I get a letter and the feeling of writing a heartfelt one! You should try it sometime! Dust off that paper and buy a stamp. Take off the cap of a pen and lick an envelope. Heck, try writing in cursive without looking up how to write a capital Q! ( but seriously look it up.. ) Go to the post office ( that is actually highly populated and over crowded!) and send a letter to make someone's day :) 

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