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Seniors, We're Done!!

I have been playing soccer all of my life and now is the time to decide if I want to continue it throughout College! I have been recruited to play at many schools but of course none of the schools I have ever wanted to go to! I took a tour of Chandler- Gilbert Community College because they want me to play soccer there. Ahhh! Just thinking about college is overwhelming! My ultimate goal is to get into BYU. I know that I won't be able to play soccer there but there is always intramural!  If not there then ASU baby!! It's my very last choice but I have an amazing full ride scholarship there and i could live at home. I wouldn't have to spend much money on college at all!

        Any-who.... I have loved playing soccer in High School especially this year! This year I played on Varsity and loved it! I worked my way up for so long in order to be eligible to make Varsity. I really should have made it my junior year but my coach was crazy. I didn't play club my junior year because it was taking up my life so when he found this out, he didn't think that I was serious about soccer so I was put on JV. I was so angry and mostly embarrassed that I couldn't play at a higher level. 
Varsity Team 2011 :)

Junior year ended up being my favorite year though! I was JV captain and I made a few of my best friends! I loved being captain and I got to play with Varsity every once in a while. Soccer season is always the best season of my school year because I get to play the sport that I love and I get to hang out with my best friends all the time!
Some of my JV friends! To start off senior year we had a really fun scavenger hunt all around town!!
Brooke, Erica, Cara and Alexi <3

I <3 Headgear! I also made hair bows for everyone on the team! they were so fun and everyone looked so cute wearing them!  Addi is wearing one of them :)
Senior year I made so many friends on Varsity as well! I got to bond more with the seniors when previously I had been talking to all of the sophomores that were on JV. I brought nail polish to the away games and my teammates and I would paint nails. We always had the traditional Jason's Deli boxed meals for the away games which got really old, really fast! haha Senior year we also took on headgear, glorious headgear. Coach Matt has all of his club teams wearing them and it is supposed to prevent concussions so we acquired them as well. They got so sweaty and smelly and they were just a hassle but we got used to them pretty quick.
Seniors at the end of the year soccer banquet!

I played center midfield because I love to run! I love to be in the center to distribute the ball. I played pretty much every game and I got a lot of playing time! It was so weird to me because I went from not playing Varsity at all to playing a lot. My junior year there were a lot of good seniors that took up my position on Varsity so I can see why there wasn't room for me! I scored 4 goals the whole season which was pretty good for the amount of time that I played. The best night was senior night when I got to start and I almost played the whole game! I was on fire! I even scored a goal and it was just a great game! I had an article written about me and below there is a video of one of the game winning goals! I could never be happier, my coach and my team was cheering me on and it felt so good to be loved! 

Senior Night Goal!!!


My senior girls! <3
Silly pictures were very popular throughout the season!! all my senior girls :)
I love the game of soccer and although I was offered many opportunities to play it in college, I turned them all down. My goal was to get into BYU and to focus on that. After I turned down my opportunity at CGCC I got the letter that said I wasn't accepted into BYU. What a huge mistake! I should have waited it out a little longer! Although I was so distraught that I didn't get in, I had a full ride scholarship to ASU and I would be able to eventually transfer to BYU. To ease the depressing feelings that I had, I decided to go as a visiting student to BYU to kind of get a feel for the atmosphere. 


Corona's field, my field forever 

Grandma Price lives in Tucson and would come to as many of my games as possible! She was such a great supporter :)

All of the seniors had to make senior posters and this was mine! So much fun!

The amazing coaches that lead me through my soccer career. Coach Jason is on the left and he was my JV coach for three years and was so fun and funny! Coach Matt was my Varsity Coach for three years because I would play up some times but he was such a great guy! I would get frustrated with him a lot but that is what all players have to go through! He said the nicest things to me at the soccer banquet and I respect him so much.

Soccer will always be with me and I will continue to play it whenever I get the chance. I can't wait to play intramural at ASU!

Until next time,

XOXO Kendall

I'll remember these girls forever!
Away games!

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