Dance The Night Away!

A few months ago I was so scared for prom! Who was I going to go with!! I had a bunch of Mormon guy friends that I usually went to dances with but I actually wanted to go with someone that I really liked! Well, My dream came true through my exercise physics class. Dylan Calhoon. Dylan sat in the back of the class and never talked but a few months ago he really started talking! We became "best friends". He was so strong and always did all of the experiments in class. All of us girls swooned over him.  He is such a cutie! Him and I have the same exact humor and it's great! He works at Jersey Mikes and he plays football plus, he has a car, he's a successful guy for sure! Dylan Is a year younger than I am but we get along so well! So we started dating on March 25th after about a week and a half of talking it was just so natural with him. It's FBO.  

Dylan asked me to prom in a clever way. I just wanted him to ask me but instead it was a prolonged process! He dropped a bag of flour off on my door step and it said to sift through the flour to see who was asking me to prom. So I put my hand in there and felt around a little bit and found... NOTHING! My mom insisted on actually sifting through the whole bag after I repeatedly told her that there was nothing in it!  

So.. at this point was so frustrated! An hour later, another thing is dropped off. A rose that says, oops! wrong flower!Will you go with me to prom? <3 Dylan. CLEVER! hahaha It was cute! I answered by taping pink balloon pigs all over his room and a sign said, " I'll go with you to prom when pigs fly" ha good one Kendall. I felt so stupid though because apparently Dylan had never heard of that phrase! Ha... Fail.

So I know what you all have been waiting for. What did I wear?!
Dresses are so hard for me! I really wanted to create my own dress for prom so I went through so much unneeded trouble! My mom and I went shopping at the Scottsdale Mall because they have a Betsey store. Betsey Johnson is my favorite designer and her dresses are pretty much the only dresses that fit perfectly. They are a little more pricey but definitely good quality. 

This is the transformation that my dress went through!

Okay, HELLO! cutest dress in the world right?!? This is a thousand dollar Erderm dress and it is so vintage and cute! I am obsessed with lace! I wasn't crazy about the red because I don't think red is really my color! So It was my duty to find a dress that looked like this in a different color! I wanted green or purple. We tried many times to just find some lace so that we could make a dress like this but it just wasn't working out with the tight time schedule!

Now this is the dress!
I got it on sale at the Betsey Johnson store. I tried on about three other dress that I loved so much but this one was perfect. I love unique dresses like this! Plus, this dress was about to be put to the test because I wanted to add as much as I could to make it look like my dream red dress! There is a little bit of resemblance with the full skirt and the lace on the top but I needed to add sleeves and more lace! I was about to make this into a modest fashion phenomenon! 

I have a woman in my ward that is a great seamstress and I took my dress to her! I was so afraid because it was such a cute dress to start out with! What if she totally ruined it? I took the chance though and this was the result! Definitely not ruined.

It turned out almost exactly like I wanted it! I had to get fitted about 5 times but it turned out great! The stitching in the back is awesome and I had her add lace to the bottom and of course the sleeves. I topped it off with my glitter Steve Maddens and some dangly earrings from Aldo that went with the shoes!

Of course I have to talk about my HAIR EXTENSIONS! I bought them, I finally gave in! I bought some clip in's from Sally's and had my hair dresser put them in and she also gave me a beautiful up-do! You will be able to see it better in some of the other pictures! It was so weird having so much hair! It was a really heavy bun but I loved it! And of course, I treated myself to a free spray tan! Spray tans make everyone look better and this one was free because I got one for the coronation dance and they gave me a free one!

I also got acrylic nails for the first time! they were white tip with a little gold glitter line on the top as well! I really went all out for prom! It's not usual for me to spend so much money on a dance but I figured that it was my last dance so WHY NOT?! :)

One thing that I saved on was make up! I always do my own make up because I love it so much! I borrowed a bunch of MAC make up from my dear friend Sarah Katzenbach and put on some fake eye lashes and I was set! I loved getting ready for the dance!

Dylan came to pick me up from my house first to take pictures and put on each others flowers of course!
Me and my awesome date :) I didn't seen his vest and bow tie until the day of! I think we matched pretty well! especially with the gorgeous orchids!

There's the back of the dress and look at that hair!! Okay.. Dylan looks disgusted..

Why is it that boutonnieres are the hardest thing to put on in the world! I always spend so much time trying to make it perfect! haha

From my house, Dylan drove my car (because his AC was out and we know how that goes in Arizona!) to the picture location to meet up with the group! Mom followed to take pictures.

ove him! Dylan was so cute, he was like, I will wear any color but he demand to wear a bow tie.
Julissa is one of my very best friend and she is also very into fashion! Julissa tried out for American Idol and made it all the way to the second showing of Hollywood! She is such an amazing singer! I love her to death! She is such a cute vintage girl and she got her dress online! It was gorgeous! 

Jess, Moni and I, photographed by the amazing Dave Burba! My best friends! 
Monica is another one of my best friends! Monica and I have been friends since Elementary School and we have been through so much together! We became so close this year and I am so glad that she is going to ASU also! She will be in lots of my Blogs because I would die without this girl! Moni also introduced me to hair feathers ( which I love!! I have two of them) as well as gel nail polish! 

I swear, my friends and I might just be the weirdest, goofiest people ever! Not saying that is a bad thing at all because we have the best of times together! So many inside jokes! Prom was amazing with them!
Had to put a little candid in here! To my left is one of my best friends Warner. He is a little sophomore and I have gotten to know him so well through choir! Love him!

My mom might just be my favorite person on this earth! We butt heads a lot but in the end I love her more than anything! She is amazing and has supported me with everything!

This is one of my favorite pictures! These are my girls that I hung out with all through out senior year. They are all in student council with me and four of them are in Choir with me! I loved having such a great friend group :)

For dinner our group went to Makayla's house for Pei Wei Chinese food! It was amazing food!

My friend Jessica Lusk's Mom is a professional baker pretty much! She makes these cute cookies for big events! She has made them for so many things that I have been to and they are just so adorable!


Because of the big occasion, our group rented a party bus to take to and from the dance! We danced the night away all night  and had a great after party at Brittany Lang's house after the dance.

Found my favorite cousin and best friend at the dance! Nicole wore a gorgeous blue dress that fell to the floor. She looked amazing! Love her to death :)

Prom was a success! Got my dream date, went with my best friends, wore my dream dress and it was just an overall great night! Laurel Gwilliam and Michael Seal were crowned Prom Queen and King! So surreal that my senior year is finally coming to an end!


  1. I just had to comment and tell you your dress is wonderful! You had an awesome seamstress and the color looks great on you!


    1. Oh thank you Rachel! I was so happy with the way that it turned out! I wish I had another occasion to wear it though!