{ The Healthy Lifestyle }

Look good...feel good...perform well. Aside from all of the spiritual growth that I have been able to feel from returning home from my mission, (Which really is the energy that keeps me going) there was never a better day than the days that I could go for a run or eat healthier than normal! I love being able to control what I eat and how much active time I get now being home.  I love something that Kayla has said... Being unhealthy and out of shape is a hard life and hard work... living a healthy lifestyle, eating well and working out is hard too.. pick your life! Being spiritually rounded, healthy and motivated to live a positive life help me keep going and do it feeling excellent! 
has helped me get back into it all! I can study the scriptures all day but as long as my spirit is up to par, my body needs to feel the same way! I enjoy not only getting back into shape, but learning how to live a more healthy lifestyle. It's something that needs to be applied daily! I've tried the whole no sweets, gluten free, juice fasts fad diet thing but those only last for a moment in time. What really matters is the act of living it every day, each day at a time to feel good! I love this guide. Most of it's already in my mind and a lot of it is what I've grown up learning but it's good to have something to follow every day! We need food, but we also need a healthy balance. We need exercise but we also cannot be working ourselves to death.
As I was reading today I realized a lot of things. If we go days without exercising or if we chose cheat days to just binge eat whatever we want, our progress is turned into digression.  Not only by one day but by two days! It has to be constant or else we'll start to fall back. At first it can be hard, but like anything and everything, once we practice and apply it to our lives it becomes a habit and it can even become something that we love. Living a healthy lifestyle is something that I love and would never choose to replace it. If we really want something we can work for it. 
Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ has the same effect. A day without prayer or a small study time just puts me in the hole. Sometimes when I'm having a bad day I have to think... why is my day like this?! It's usually because I didn't read or I haven't looked outside of myself to serve someone. It's something that I've put into practice and can't live without it. Living a healthy lifestyle and seeking spiritual strength are a lot more a like than I could imagine. Once anyone starts, it's hard to go a day without it because strength, both spiritual and physical, is unlike anything else. It carries us. 

{ Daily Bread }

We can be everything that we want to be through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We can change, we can build confidence, we can recognize our purpose, we can learn patience, we can seek help, we can recognize our worth and we can live a happy and positive life. 

There's a purpose in life far beyond living life comfortably. Change is constant. 

He is the bread of life. 

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  1. Hi Kendall!! Ok so i found your blog on the prepare to serve site and have seriously been looking at all your mission posts hahaha I have a few questions about shoes and clothes and all of that and was wondering if you could help a sister out!! My emails riosavana@yahoo.com Thank you!!