{I Saw The Sea!} #2

¡Hola mi familia maravilloso! 

I had so much fun reading through your emails and it sounds like your week was a real adventure! Trip to Flagstaff, Mom in Tucson, so fun!  I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well! People are already returning from their missions?! So crazy! Give them my love!  Also.. the Gilbert Temple finally has an opening date!! Wow! (The Gilbert Tempe will be open to the public for tours January 18th-February 15th 2014) I will be expecting pictures in March of all the festivities! Then I can show people pictures of the temple all the time! It's so beautiful! 

Everything is going smoothly here in Pinamar! So much was done in just week!  It's hard to write it all down but something that we just did today was go see the beach!!! Granted, we can't play in the sand but we took pictures! It was such a great start to the week. I'm growing to love my district and Pinamar is just so easy to love! My companion is GOLDEN. She's trained Americans before so she knows that is so hard for me to adjust. She always knows what to do and is so patient! I admire her so much. We also have so much fun! Laughing about all of our funny experiences! This culture is just so fun for us to experience! 

I am so excited to say that we have a new investigator!! Mostly excited because I CAN UNDERSTAND HER! Her Spanish is clear and I was able to teach some of the lesson to her. She is vey interested and we feel that she will progress a lot. Her name is Maria and I hope to tell more stories about her in the future! The rest of our time is spent visiting the inactive members and contacting our references from members. We have been so busy. One day we had 6 lessons in one day.. I was so tired but it felt so good!! The work is working :)
Our branch president and our ward mission leader has been released! It's all changing but I think that it is going to be really good. We love our ward mission leader but the Lord knows what he is doing.. always! 

So it was Mothers Day here on Sunday.  We had a Relief Society dinner for all of the sisters and four of the inactive sisters we have been visiting came! It felt so good to see that we are helping them out. 

We also had a District Relief Society Meeting showing all of the projects that the women worked on in the past year. They were all really strange looking because the theme was recycled objects.. Some woman just pulled out a bunch of soda cans that had been cut and some glass bottles with string around it... And then one sister made a dress out of bubble wrap and other things that are just hard to explain haha.. But anyway, our inactive sisters attended that as well!  Our hope is that our branch is slowly becoming more united!

Speaking of which, we were informed that all we need are 16 more priesthood holders to form a stake!  We are going to need to get to work! 

Remember when I was practicing all of that piano before I left for the MTC? Well, it's a good thing because guess who is playing the hymns in sacrament meeting now?.... This girl. Oh yeah!  Haha  No one knows how to play, or for that matter, sing either. It has been humbling to get back to the piano since it has been awhile, but luckily I am actually the best pianist around here! Even with all my mistakes! haha I am so grateful though to help in any way that I can. :)

As it is getting cold in AZ it's getting hot here! Summer is coming yet it's still raining and windy all the time because of the beach. Biking in the rain is not my favorite but it's all an adventure!! 

So lastly, this Saturday we had an activity for the public about genealogy and how to use Family Search. It was SUCH a success!!! There were about 25 people there and two people wanted to know more about the temple and eternal families.. That's a good turnout for this part of town!  I gave the welcome speech, in Spanish of course, and I was so nervous but I did it! Haha 

Speaking of Spanish, it is coming along! I am understanding a little more each day, however some days I can speak great and other days I can't speak at all!  It's weird that way! Every morning I study more and more so I know that it will come eventually!  Hermana Rodrigues translates anything I say in English to Spanish so that I can learn faster and it's worked really well!

Teaching wise, so much happened this week.  Our investigators are  either progressing or we have dropped a family because they weren't progressing. It's so sad to have to do that, but we are here to teach people that want to learn and progress. We know the Lord will lead us to those people!

My mission is such a blessing to me. I learn every day new reasons for serving and being here. I continually see small miracles. This mission is an opportunity that I'm so glad I took. 18 months is a blink of an eye in a life time, right??!! Every day my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ is strengthened.  I know the Lord never fails us. Keep the faith my favorite people ever!! Until next week! Love you all!

Con Muchisimo Amor,

Hermana Barrett

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