{ Singing & Dreaming &Teaching & Praying } #5 MTC

September 29, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos!!

Am I dreaming or has a month already gone by in the MTC?! Yesterday I did hit my head really hard on the wall next to my bed somehow. We got these new fuzzy winter blankets that make me sleep like a baby and apparently thrash my head violently. In other news..  I can't believe I've been here for a month and I am preparing to leave very soon! Time flies! So about leaving...drum roll.....We just recently got a letter saying that indeed the travel office has not received our Visa's yet and will let us know when it is all figured out. We still haven't heard anything and today we talked to the travel office and they informed us that most likely we will be getting reassigned! (to another mission somewhere in the U.S. until her Argentina Visa arrives) So there was a visiting or work visa experiment going around for a month or so that they were testing out, trying to get the missionaries into Argentina straight from the MTC, but we were informed that the trial run is over. So in the next few days I will know where I am headed in the U.S.  This is just the word that has been going around so we'll know for sure here in a few days! I will of course keep you informed! Being reassigned will be a blessing and I am happy either way! I would get to experience what a mission is like both in the states and out! How sweet! Anyway, since I know you were all pulling your hair out over this Visa topic, there ya go!

So I WAS ON TV! How cool!!! I've already gotten an email with four different angles of screen shots, thanks all! haha We did get to re-watch our performance and during the congregational hymn I saw a shot of me next to my new silvery white- haired lady friend Sister Best. Oh, she was the cutest of cute! Holding her note cards whenever we were in the dark trying to memorize the words. I adored her!! But let's get into the whole experience! Singing at the Conference Center couldn't have been better!! After they re-applied 4 pounds of blush to my cheeks we were ready!!  How about all the jewel-toned shirts? Beautiful! The music was so wonderful and the combination song (go Forth with Faith/As Sisters in Zion) was arranged specifically for our choir! It was so cool to sing with so many sister missionaries!  364 of us!

Plus, nothing gets better than a field trip to Salt Lake! It was so needed! All day Saturday we were in SL.  We got some boxed lunches and got to hug and talk to the Relief Society Presidency! Such an amazing experience. I had never imagined myself singing up there but what a dream come true! That was the highlight of my stay here for sure! Elder Uchtdorf waved at us and we were just a few feet from the prophet, his counselors and Holland and Christofferson. (Okay...is this a great spelling of this name or what??) Hopefully you all got to see the broadcast for the inspirational messages and great talks and words from our prophet!  
So the Spanish is coming along! This week we were introduced to Subjunctive and were informed that yes, we are introducing this to you now and yes, you will be using it most all the time and yes, we are just introducing it to you now in order to humble you before the field.  My brain hurts every day!  I just shake my head at the amount of goals I try to set. But surprisingly, miracles have happened, goals have been met and we are just soaring! I know that when I get out into the field I will speak like two words of Spanish :( but that it will all come in time! We are taking a break from our investigators this week and focusing on in-field training and lots more language study!!

So I received the cutest letter from the Nate and Beth Price family and my little cousins (Noah and Porter...5 and 3) had drawn me the cutest pictures of me and of their family... I am keeping them forever!  The drawings were amazing... the singing song bird feeding her baby bird a worm....my giant hands that will help me spread the gospel!!! Love it! So weird though...That same day Hermana Rupe got a letter from HER little cousins with hand drawn pictures... I cannot describe how creepily alike we are in our lives.  haha  It's starting to get scary so we're documenting in with photo's! haha  

I just love all of these sisters so much! It's getting to be that time where we think about leaving each other! Sad but happy tears! Plus leaving the elders that are pretty much my brothers?! So sad!
We do get to host the new elders coming into the MTC ( not our district) and sisters this Wednesday and take them to their classes and rooms and such! That will be fun! 
So soon though, it will be on to bigger and better plans in South America!

Thank you Mom AGAIN for all of the packages with last minute stuff!! What would I do without you?! To all those that have sent letters, I LOVE them and I get them and I write back slowly but surely when I have specks of time!!! Your support means the world to me.  I love hearing about you all! :)
Our last devotional in the Marriott Center was this Tuesday and it was SO good! My favorite one yet at the MTC. Don R. Clarke from the Quorum of the Seventy spoke and talked all about being a Preach my Gospel Missionary.  How we need to live with our heart and that we are teaching people, not lessons. I have loved learning this language and teaching others. It has brought me to love so much more! It's so important that we OPEN OUR MOUTHS to everyone! We can't ever miss an opportunity to spread the word! I am so happy here, this work is amazing. 

Remember everyone to watch General Conference this Saturday and Sunday! It's good for the soul. Plus think of me sitting in a gym, dressed up, with thousands of people watching it while you all are in your PJ's playing bingo games with cheerios and candy!! Mmmm and having a good breakfast! Okay, I'm making myself jealous. They distinctively said no blankets or water or bags or camera's or fun. Okay maybe not the last one but I think I'll take my Snuggie. They didn't say that, right??  haha Jk ... Enserio (my fav Spanish word) and trabahabamos but that's off subject.  Seriously, listen closely and pray this week that you will hear what you need to hear! I cannot wait to hear what the General Authorities have to say. It's such a great opportunity and I hope you all get to hear them speak! I will talk about it next week! So email me your favorite quotes and songs and  points to ponder! I'd love to hear about it! 

There are so many times when I am tired but, I work. Times when I am sick but, I work. Times when I am frustrated with the language but, I work.  Times where I think of home, but I work. This work is a lot of work! But I can say without a doubt that the work... is working! Bringing me joy every day. My main purpose though is to bring that joy to others every day! How GREAT is my calling.
So remember...Life is brilliant!  Always look for the positive in everything.
I'm lovin' the work more and more every day.
 I love you all so much! And can't wait to hear from you all! :)

Hasta el proximo vez! Os amo mucho!!!!!!

Paz y bendiciones..(cue peace sign and duck lips)

Siempre amor,

-Hermana Barrett

Ready to sing!
Screen shot!!

Sister Best!  Great name!
 Marriott Center..last devotional.
Cousin Drawings!
                           This one's for my brothers...they love 
                   my "If looks could kill" face.

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