{Because Today, I am Grateful}

Today I am especially grateful. Someone once said that when things aren't going your way, when you are hurt, when you are troubled or going through times of grief.. even if it be little..go and serve, be grateful for what you have and keep yourself busy. Remember your self worth, never lose sight of your divine destiny, smile even when it's hard and never give up.  It's only appropriate that I turn to a list of the things that I am most grateful for in my life because I have realized that although things may bring me down, I have to much to live for and I wouldn't give that up for anything. My happiness means the world to me and I find the most happiness through helping others, traveling, embracing the gospel of Jesus Christ, having fun with my friends and being with my family. That's what matters most. 

{My happy list}

1. My family. When I say my family is always there for me, I really mean it. I hate going more than a day without communicating with my mom. Visiting home to see my family is a treat. I love my brothers and I'm always so grateful that I had them with me while growing up. My dad is the most amazing man to walk the face of the earth. I cannot wait to find a husband that can compare to his greatness. Being a part of the Barrett family is a true blessing. 

2. My friends. Some friends come and go but the true friends have stuck around through everything. I would do absolutely anything for those friends. They are treasures of mine and being blessed with friends of such value is like having an extra sibling. They bring me the most happiness. 

3. My relationships. These too come and go but, they may be one of the things I am most grateful for. I love being selfless in a relationship and pouring my heart out with infinite love. I have learned so much including what I want and expect and what I don't want in an eternal companion. I know the day will come someday that I meet that man and everything I have learned will be beneficial. I wouldn't take one moment back of any relationship. I can say though that love hurts. It is so painful when a heart breaks. I can also say that it is so much better to deal with heartbreak when you know that you have done everything you could possibly do to help and love them. There comes a time when you realize that that alone is enough and that life goes on, happiness can be found elsewhere. Love can be felt again.

4. My cute apartment away from home and the opportunity to live in Provo in an amazing ward. At first I was skeptical but, I knew that moving out was a step i needed to take in order to grow. Apartment 108 has become my home. My bed here is more comfortable than my bed in Arizona and that right there is a sign! I love the ward that I was put in, the wonderful roommates that I was placed with and the opportunity to serve in the ward as an FHE grandma as well as have a job that is so close and can pay for my expenses. 

5. The opportunity to travel. It has been said that traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. I believe this to be so true. I have had marvelous opportunities to travel all over the states and the gift of traveling to Europe, Mexico and soon to embark on my newest journey to Spain. I am so, so grateful for these chances that change my life. I work hard to do my part to get there and each journey brings so much happiness. I cannot wait for all of the traveling that is to come in my lifetime. 

6. Education. My education is so important to me. Although I have had upsets with getting into schools, the schooling that I have received has expanded my knowledge so much. Getting through almost two years of college classes was tough and I know that there is much more to come. I think that in order to realize how great something is in your life, you have to go a period without it. This semester was an example of that. I took a semester off from school to work and to really figure out what I wanted to do. It was much needed but, at the same time, I missed school. I know that when I go back into it I will be more than ready to exceed in what I love to do. 

7. The opportunity to serve a mission. This weekend is when I will finally be able to turn in my LDS mission papers. I have looked forward to this day for the past few months and I am ecstatic. I know how difficult it may be but one thing is for sure, I know that it is the Lord's plan for me. It couldn't be any more clear. I am so grateful for all that I have..especially the gospel and my eternal family, I want to be able to share this opportunity of greatness with everyone I come in contact with. A year and a half serving the Lord is a big sacrifice. Leaving everything behind will be hard but I know that this experience will bring me the most happiness and I will be blessed eternally in the end. My testimony is ready to be heard and shared with the world. I am so excited for this journey to come. 

8. The gospel. Being raised in the church I took it for granted for a long time. I relied on my parents testimony and that was enough for me. Church for three hours? Kill me. There's treats? Okay I guess it's worth it. Once I was in my seminary years and had graduated high school I learned the true meaning of my own testimony. It grew tremendously and has brought me to where i am today. I don't know where I would be without it. I'm grateful for my testimony and the effect that it has in my daily life, on the choices I make and on the people around me. It leads me towards the was that my life should be lived. The temple is a place for peace and revelation. The temple is a mile from my apartment and that has been the biggest blessing. Being worthy to enter into the Lord's house is the best feeling in the world. Every trial has brought me the point that i'm at right now and I couldn't be more optimistic about it. I love this gospel and my Savior. It has shaped me into the woman that I want to be. 

I could write on and on about the things I'm most grateful for but, all in all, this is the definitive list. The list that will always remain. Trials come and go, relationships teach and create lasting memories, family loves and comforts, friends support and laugh with you and so on. Today and from here on out I am grateful for this beautiful life that I live. Happiness continues on. 


  1. Kendall, you sweet soul! I miss you, and I am so happy you are doing so great! Where is provo?? And I wish I could do what you do. I really want to start a blog but am not sure how. Do I have to buy a website maker??

    1. Brittany! It is so good to hear from you and I'm so glad you stumbled across my blog! I've been horrible at updating it lately but I'm working on it! Provo is in Utah. I would love to help you start a blog! All you need to do is create an account through blogger... it's totally free and most of the things are pretty easy to navigate. I hope all is well with you and hopefully I can follow your new blog! Love you lots cutie!