Hi There! I'm Still Alive!

Well, here is the update that is very much needed after the two weeks of me not using social networking to brag about my awesome life in Provo, Utah. I digress,  I'm LOVING my new home!! I'm taking four classes that I love; Food prep, Soccer, Interior design and book of mormon. (They all need their own post to describe) I absolutely love school and for that reason I have not taken a break since last summer! I want to get all the schooling in that I can. Oh, I've got 5 great roommates and King Henry is really growing on me! Some people call it the 'toolbox' or the snob mob but, It's my new home and I'm really starting to like it and get along with the people. I'm looking forward to the rest of the time that I get to be here! Life is different but It's a nice change and living on my own is fun, but surprisingly enough, feeding myself is a little more difficult than I thought! I've mastered making great breakfasts of over easy eggs, toast, sauteed spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes.. BAM! yeah, I'm a chef.. but...no. For lunch I depend on my food prep class every Monday and Wednesday and the other days I like to fix up the same old spinach salad... every day. It hasn't gotten old yet but I know soon I'm going to actually have to pull out the handy dandy cook book that is dusting away in my closet. Dinner is just a free for all and I've gotten used to the whole breakfast for dinner thing... word of advice, Buy Low has some pretty sick nasty chicken. The crab is divine though and some ground beef is in my freezer waiting to be fixed up as well. While being here I've only eaten out twice! TWICE. My roommates buy dinner every night and it makes me want to cry and fix the burning hole in their wallet/pocket. In the fall, I'm cooking dinner all the time. But for now, I will accept any free food that someone brings to me. #108 holla! Let this be a lesson for me! I may be one of the healthiest college students out there but it's not that easy! I could easily fall into the habit of eating frozen dinners every meal like *******... My roommate. Next, exercise. I'm a little obsessive. Having a gym less than a 1/4 mile away from my apartment is so sweet. It's ten dollars a month and I find myself working out more than going out. That may change soon because I can't have a social life with the weights and the cinema room at Golds Gym. Anyway, the weather is beautiful and our pool is fantastic which makes laying out a priority, in my nice tankini. Don't you dare pull it up more than an inch to tan your belly, the sign says no. Summer time is time to prepare my hot bod. ahh yeah.  I've got my car here and I'm in the middle of job searching! This is a desperate call to anyone hiring in the provo area... this girl is available! Taking some time off for the summer may be smart but for the fall, I plan on being a working machine with a little time for fun on the side. I've already done lots of homework, visited J dawgs, taken a test in the testing center ( didn't do too well, but got that first one over with!), gotten my official student ID, made cupcakes for the roomies, gone hiking, visited the temple, said a prayer in church, got an official BYU school of family life apron and meat thermometer (jealous?), hung out with some old friends and walked up the stairs of death at least 30 times. My quads and calves are gonna look rul nice after this summer. I lose my breath just walking around here. The stairs may as well be my exercise for the day. It took my poor lungs a couple days to get used to the altitude while jogging up here. By the way, is jogging a club? I see at least 100 people jogging by me whenever I decide to take a little run. So proud of our active mormon community.  I love my King Henry community and although it has taken a little while to get used to, I absolutely enjoy every day here. Utah's great but Arizona will always be my home!Anyway, life is just great and I'm looking forward to all of the adventures that it has in store for me. I miss home, family, Nathan and friends but being away helps me appreciate and love them even more. 

Last dinner before I left!
All packed up!
 Subway. Road trip staple. 
I'm here!!
I was homeless for two days. Our carpet was getting replaced, and it was so worth it because they look so nice now! 
Food Prep class from the heavens. HELLO!
Bridal Veil Hike. Yes that's a snake and yes, It scared me to death. 
 Mama Barrett knows what's up! Pink tool box for the apartment!
 My comfy bed :)
I'm all settled! So many more adventures and pictures to come! But for now, everyone enjoy their fast sunday and enjoy the fourth of July! I'm going home for the festivities! 


  1. welcome to P-town. and I've always liked kids at King Henry. Boo what everyone else says.