Friday Letters

Dear Weather: Please just stay cool for a little while longer so I can actually enjoy spring and still wear cute capris.

Dear Mom: Thanks for the food, and the advice and the cute new skirt!

Dear Summer: Get here faster.

Dear Boyfriend: Do your mission thang and make me proud.

Dear Bed sheets: stop disappearing at the bottom of my bed.

Dear Room: Clean yourself.

Dear Peeta: I really like you.

Dear Future Roommates: Please love me :)

Dear Pinterest: You never cease to amaze me. I've got my wedding all planned out. Not ashamed. Actually I kind of am.. Although, who knows when this wedding will actually happen.

Dear Iphone: If your center button sticks one more time I will throw you down a well. Oh and Androids, just because you've got Instagram now doesn't mean that you're cooler than us. 35 new friends.

Dear Mailman: Thanks for the letter today.

Dear School: I hate you.

Dear Somburros: Thank you for providing me with a delicious veggie burro today with my favorite girlfriends.

Dear Skin: Get tan already!

Dear New Banana Republic dress: I like you, I like you a lot.

Dear Geology quizzes: Please be a little bit harder.

Dear God: Answer my prayers. Please.

Dear Pool: Just get a wee bit warmer so I can swim.

Dear Lake: Don't be too cold tomorrow for wake boarding!

Dear Wake Boarding: Just let me get up this time, don't embarrass me in front of my friends!

Dear Ann Taylor: Thanks for a nice shopping day.

Dear Victoria's Secret: Thanks but no thanks for helping me find a good bra. When is bra shopping
ever successful.

Dear Cute Colored Pants: Appear in my closet already!

Dear New Foodie Penpal: I'm excited to get your box of goodies!

Dear Justin Bieber: Marry me already.

Dear Easter: Bring me the goods. I like dem peeps.

Dear Body: Motivate yourself to go to the gym, run those half marathons, get in swim suit shape! Don't eat Easter candy.

Dear Tonight: Let's have fun!