Easter Weekend.

Meet the family. This is less than half of the Barrett family! We had a wondrous get together at John and Paula's house for Sunday lunch. It was so great to get together with the family for some great food, pictures and fun! I guess it's officially spring and it's time to break out the bright colors, swim suits and well, for Arizona it means sunblock or staying inside until the sun goes down (sooo never?)! 97 degrees people and it's only going to get 20 degrees hotter. I can already feel the sweat dripping down my back. . Enjoy the plethora of pictures from this glorious day! 
Kim brought cupcakes from Mind Over Batter. They're just so nice to look at! They were good too.. oh so good.
We tend to match for every occassion. My mom and I never match but I always match with Paula and Nicole matches with my mom! We matched on our way up to Flagstaff as well. Even though it's not planned, It sure makes for a nice photo opp! 
Our Spring Nails.
The food was amazing, as always! Grammy brought her deviled eggs, the traditional ham was carved, jello salad was served, Paula's famous butter beans were made, Lion House Bakery supplied our rolls, and Kim brought the cupcakes and cheesy potatoes. Easter is like a second Thanksgiving, but better! Of course there was so much more food that I didn't mention but it was all good! 
My all time favorite! Grammy is the master of deviled egg making!
Thanksgiving Part II.
Commence Traditional Easter Photoshoot. Mom always insists that we take tons of pictures in our easter outfits!
Nicole is not only my cousin but she is my best friend. I love her to pieces!
The Grandma's!
Pete and Grammy have a pretty cool car i'd say. It even has an awwooogah horn. Automatic cool points.
Grandma and Grandpa Barrett drove in from Las Vegas to spend Easter with the family. It's always so great to see them!
Pete and his ladies!
Gorgeous mom and daughter.
Nicole's friend Ana from the dorms joined our family for Easter! She's awesome and we loved having her around. This picture captures the greatness of the day. 
Oh boy, I wouldn't trade my family for anything!

After lunch at John and Paula's we went over to the Moss's house for some more family bonding. To add to the fun that we had, we finally got a decent family picture! This one will have to last for a while!
My cute little diva's. Hannah and Zoe trying on my 5 inch heels. These little girls are the cutest!
I hope that you all had a magical Easter Sunday and that you got to spend some quality time with your family! Family means so much to me and I am blessed that they are so close to me. Our family also went to the Mesa Temple Easter Pageant on Saturday and really enjoyed hearing the true meaning of Easter. Sunday was a great day to thank our Lord and Savior for his atoning sacrifice. What a wonderful life we live and it's all because of him. I'm so thankful for all that he did for us and for all of the blessings in my life. Here's to the beginning of a beautiful Spring! 

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