The Cold Part of Arizona.

Yes, this place actually exists! It's a little town called Flagstaff. Heard of it? Well, It's Arizona's get away place because of the abundant amount of snow. GASP! In Arizona? Yes. We Arizonans like to make it seem like we are in the arctic of Colorado or Park City snow but really, we skillfully crop our pictures from Snow Bowl ski resort with the attempt to edit out all of the orange cones that mark the poorly snow covered ground. But hey, It's our paradise! The snow complements the constant burns on our skin from the Death Valley of Phoenix.  Enough of this nonsense. There was snow, it was cold, It was nice. We spent a couple days at our company owned cabin and had a ski day at Snow Bowl. It was fun, we laughed a lot, we ate a lot, shopped a lot, slept a lot and to add to the wonderfulness, we watched Pride and Prejudice (commence eye roll).

A 2 1/2 hour car ride was followed by a meal at Collin's Pub and Grill in Downtown Flagstaff. I absolutely recommend it! This commenced our shopping day downtown.

 We spent the rest of the day Shopping and checking out all of the local boutiques. 

 Post Card time!
 Great angles, no make up and priceless faces. One of the many faces of Nicole and I. It will get pretty interesting later on in this post!

Fizz organic Bath shop had a nifty little photo op, we took advantage of it and bought some lip butter. Such a cute place!
 Fizz organic Bath shop had a nifty little photo op, we took advantage of it and bought some lip butter. Such a cute place and it's all homemade too! 

 Can't see the mannequins? Yeah me either but nevertheless, this is our imitation of them. 
The Sweet Shoppe! 

 Just Chillin' with my peeps! 
Yummy Gelato!

 Our "Fierce" poses.
 Can I enter my mom into the "cutest mom in the world" contest?!

 She also makes a mean salad!
Oh yeah, Nicole has a phobia of Mandarin oranges, I just hate them

Friday, Ski Day!

 Why are we smiling and why is this the cutest candid picture in the world? ifunny. It kept us occupied and cracking up the whole trip! The best app on the iPhone!

The girls!
 Ahhh Snow. 
 look at that form! She sure does know how to use the "pizza slice" stop!
 Taking a quick break for....
 Oh the famous ski lodge food. Over priced, greasy but oh so satisfying! 
 Mom's pictures are always unexpected. She likes to capture the moment you know, get the candids..
 What a view!
 After a long day of skiing, a potential concussion, tight ski pants and awkward sunburns we headed back to the cabin.
 We couldn't go to the snow without making a friendly little snow man.

 Our cute little walrus man :)

 Mom-" That's not the way you do snow angels Kendall!" Me- "Yes, yes it is. I'm being original."

 The Smolder.

 Snow angels done "right" 
 It has been one long day!
 One last look at our baby!
We got to have dinner with our dear friend Emily Lewindowski from high school! We ate at Salsa Brava. Wowza! Look at that fajita!
Salmon Fajita!

Oh yeah, the boys came to join us on Saturday! Mom and I shopped, the boys did their thing on the slopes! Don't they look so pro?

 Of course :)

 We ended the trip with a serious amount of pineapple and ham pizza. The best! Oh and have I mentioned before that my family is really photogenic?...

 Joey would break my camera if I tried to take a picture of him so I don't try any more! It was a great weekend get away! Although I did have to suffer through watching Pride and Prejudice, (Still not a fan mom!) it was a great weekend! I hope everyone had a fun filled spring break! Now back to the grind of school for 4 more weeks. I think I can, I think I can!

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