Raspberries, broken blenders and tasteless divinity

Ladies and Gentlemen, the gorgeous April Florhaug.. And some pretty TO DIE FOR raspberry frozen yogurt. This recipe was super easy and we made it in our cooking class! I'm so lucky to have such a great lab partner! Luckily she supports my picture taking and we both love to cook the same things so there is never a problem! Until.. she broke the blender today. I literally picked the blender up and threw it at her and told her how clumsy she was. NOT! That is totally a lie. We both pretty much fell to the floor laughing when it accidentally slipped out of her hands. Then April brought us back to reality by saying, wait, this isn't funny. That only made me laugh more haha. Nervously she went up to the teach to tell her that it broke and the teacher could have cared less and just gave us another one. Phew!!  We finished the rest of the recipe without mistakes! I mean, you could count me adding two extra tablespoons as a mistake but really.. a little extra sugar never hurt!! The raspberry heaven churned in the ice ream maker for what seemed like FOREVER! While it was taking it's sweet time, we got to try everyone else's recipe's. This was a sugar high day! Caramels, Fudge, divinity that tasted like tree bark ( It's the thought that counts?), pecan pralines and flowerless chocolate cake! There were a few more but they aren't even worth mentioning. The frozen yogurt took the gold medal for the day! Along with the caramel and apples of course! 
April and I set out to explore downtown and found a cute local concert! What we wanted most was a hot dog stand. We didn't find one... but, we did find zpizza! 
I recommend this cute little pizza parlor to anyone that's ever in downtown Phoenix! It's cheap, quick and there is some really good hot sauce to put on the pizza! A slice is about 2 dollars so it fits any college budget and one slice fills you up! We sat outside to enjoy the nice weather and look at how cool our city actually is! 
We both got the Caprese pizza. Fresh tomatoes and basil, garlic sauce and amazing cheese! Pretty much a margarita pizza with a little spice! We really needed some good carbs to wash down our sugar high! Super good, cheap and in a great part of downtown Phoenix! 

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