I Want to See the Animals!

Julissa and I took a day trip to the Zoo! Of course it consisted of lots of walking, kettle corn, picture taking and swooning over the adorable animals. I'm a sucker for those baby animals. We were like kids on a playground! It was a beautiful day and we came home with tired feet but happy memories!

I have no idea what I would do without Julissa! Let me just take a minute to make a shout out to my homegirl. This girl has got it going on! Yeah she may look like the otter in the picture and may have a cup full of slobbery sunflower seed shells but, she's my best friend and is the only one that can make me laugh NON STOP! Yeah okay.. I pay her about 10 bucks per day to be my friend and bribe her with sushi (our love) but, it's worth it ;) I have to stay friends with her because one day she WILL be famous. She did almost make it to the final round of American Idol. I can check being friends with a celebrity off of my bucket list! Love her!

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